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How To Customize Your Graduation Stole? Printing vs Embroidery

How To Customize Your Graduation Stole

A stole is one of the most popular graduation accessories for its sleek look and versatility.  They add a bright touch of color and silky texture to your look, and even better, they can be customized to express what’s important and memorable to you. So, let’s explore and learn more about how to customize your graduation stoles. Which is better printing vs embroidery and more in this blog.

Your stole is worth customizing because it will be a special keepsake from your graduation. Some people even frame them to hang on their walls after the ceremony!

5 Ways for How to Customize Your Graduation Stole

Graduation stoles can be customized depending on your personal preference and in alignment with your graduation policies. Let’s read further to know more ways on how to customize your graduation stole.

Traditionally stoles are decorative sashes that graduates drape around their shoulders. They can signify special academic achievements or membership in a club. When it comes to customization, sometimes they show off extracurricular activities like sports, choirs, and band membership. Here are some ways to decorate your very own graduation stoles:

1. Crafts Party at Your Fraternity or Sorority

Sorority and fraternity graduation stoles will help your Greek brothers and sisters have some fun and special bond.

If you are on a budget, your Greek, graduation stole can be crafted in a DIY setup, and you can even do this during your pre-graduation party. You can use the space in your blank stoles to share your Greek house, chapter, and the graduating class.

Make sure to use some markers, patches, and your imagination to design your very own Greek graduation stoles. It can be depending on what is your theme for your sorority or fraternity house.

2. Attach Some Rhinestones

Adding some rhinestones in your graduation stoles is one way of decorating it, and stick-on gems are the perfect way to do it. It does not have to be the best gems out there; you can easily find ones that cost a few dollars.

3. Represent A Social Cause

The next idea that you can try is to use the stole’s blank canvas to spread awareness in whatever cause you are fighting for like climate change, world hunger, women’s rights, or equality, you can always make a statement.

4. Commemorate Your Class

You can also try to give a special shout-out to your class year, so you can add it to the blank spaces of your graduation stole. You should be proud of it and wear it with pride as over the last four years, you’ve been through a lot. It signifies strength, perseverance, and tackling all the challenges during your academic years.

5. Design A Custom Stole

Last but not least is tap professional custom graduation stole for your upcoming graduation ceremony. You can choose from 15 different colors of stole and text, and in addition to that, you can select either embroidery or screen-printing depending on the look you want.

Printing Vs Embroidery Graduation Stoles

Have a graduation ceremony very soon and want to decide between printing and embroidery? Here’s a comparison of the two types of works on stoles for you to find the right solutions for your dream stoles: Let’s see how to customize your graduation stole with printing or embroidery.


Printing graduation stoles offers a range of design possibilities, which will allow you to express your individuality and commemorate your achievements. There are some pros and cons of printing graduation stoles.


  • This type of personalization allows graduates to express their individuality and commemorate their unique journey.
  • They act as a keepsake, that captures memories of accomplishments and experiences.
  • These types of custom printing can represent affiliations, honors, or achievements. It will add significance to your graduation attire.


  • They will add expense as compared to standard stoles.
  • The printing process might take more time, which can cause a delay in obtaining the graduation stoles.
  • The biggest con is the uniformity. Printed stoles may lack uniformity in group settings if not coordinated well among the graduates.


If you plan to get embroidery on your graduation stole then you will add a touch of sophistication and durability. This type of customization gives a professional and timeless aesthetic look for your special day. But there are some pros and cons as well.


  • This type of graduation stole gives a professional aesthetic look.
  • Embroidery is more durable and trends to withstand wear and tear better than some printing methods
  • Embroidery stoles have a classic and timeless appeal, which will create a sophisticated finish to your graduation stole.


  • This type of stoles can be more expensive than the other customization options.
  • Highly intricate or detailed designs can be a challenge to execute with embroidery, which can impact the final result.
  • Weight! Yes, extensive embroidery can add extra weight to the stole.

Do you have an idea to create a custom stole for your school, organization, church, or awards, but not sure what’s the best way to do it? Explore our MyGradStole for more options for customization.

Embrace Your Story

Finally, customizing your graduation stole is an excellent approach to making your academic achievements truly unique. Whether you choose to customize your stole on printing or embroidery with your name, academic awards, cultural symbols, or personal milestones, it becomes a symbol of your uniqueness and the great journey you’ve gone on. Congratulations on attaining this crucial life milestone!

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