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Graduation Checklist: 10 Things You Need to Remember on Your Graduation Day

10 Things You Need to Remember on Your Graduation Day

Graduation day is all about preparation for the university and students to turn it into a memorable event. You’re finally taking a step toward your plans for the future. Of course, you’re excited! But… Too much excitement also makes you forget things. Forgetting things on your graduation day can be a total disaster if you don’t have a backup plan up your sleeve. So, here is a graduation checklist of the things you need to remember on your graduation day. Check them out and see if you’ve got them all covered.

10 Graduation Checklist You Need to Remember For Graduation Day

It’s essential to prepare well before going to the ceremony. Here’s a graduation checklist of how to prepare for graduation day:

  1. Don’t forget to register for your graduation ceremony.
  2. Keep all your academic documents ready for the upcoming day (Student ID or another form of photo ID e.g. passport, driver’s license)
  3. Re-check all the details like date, time, place, and instructions provided by the university.
  4. Order the graduation attire and follow the guidelines on styles and colors (This means your hood, cap, tassel, and gown)
  5. Wear comfortable clothes under your graduation regalia, choose a smart casual outfit.
  6. Invite and Purchase Tickets For Guests
  7. Arrange for transportation if you live in off-campus accommodation.
  8. Prepare your thank you speeches for your families, faculty, and friends.
  9. Arrive on time and follow the ceremony etiquette.
  10. Enjoy the day & Don’t forget to Celebrate it.

What is the University Graduation Tradition?

The tradition of celebrating differs in many countries and cultures. For example, The United Kingdom celebrates at the university level. The United States and many others occur at high schools where no higher education qualifications are conferred upon the graduates. The standard way of celebrating graduation day are:

  • Wearing cap and gown: The long-standing attire for graduation day is caps, gowns, hoods, and a stole. You can explore MyGradStoles for customizing your grad stoles for the graduation ceremony.
  • Academic Procession: This is the formal entry stage led by faculty members and administrations.
  • Commencement address: This is the delivery speech given by a prominent guest speaker to inspire students with words of wisdom.
  • Presentation of the degree: This is a momentum and prestigious time of the event. Students are called to the stage and awarded a diploma or degree certificate.
  • Turning off the cap: Before graduation, caps are tassel on one side and moved to the other after graduation as a symbol of achievement.
  • Awards and Honors: On this day, excellent students are also awarded magna cum laude, cum laude, or summa cum laude, as well as various academic and leadership awards.
  • National and University Anthem: This is sung as a symbol to honor the nation and university.
  • Throwing off caps: This is done in some cultures and universities as a gesture of conclusion to the 1occasion.
  • After-party reception: There’s usually an after-party where families, friends, and faculty gather and celebrate.

Commencement Ready With Ultimate Graduation Checklist

Although Graduating may seem like a stressful process, it isn’t as bad as it may seem. As the cap and gown become symbols of accomplishment, your graduation checklist has been the compass guiding you through this pivotal journey.  It’s important to make sure to check everything off of this checklist, to ensure that you don’t forget anything on your big day.

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